You've noticed the 'links'

If you've read this blog with any regularity, (or even if not) you might have noticed the obtrusive number of "These are my links for…" posts.

I recently stopped piping my tumblr posts to my twitter account so I've been looking for a solution. In the mean time, the best I can come up with is to have delicious auto-post links to this blog via postalicious.

Apologies for it not working or over-working, I'm still working out the kinks.

Your up:

  • If anyone has a good way to get tumblr to auto-post a digest to wordpress. That would be insanely useful.
  • How do you like the links living here as opposed to twitter?
  • Anyone know a good micro-brewery in the upstate New York area that isn't Saranac or Middle Ages?
You've noticed the 'links'

Joey Baker


I write code most days. Prevously: photojournalist, EMT. Somewhat obsessed with jouralism.