LINKS | Newspapers don't need micropayments

These are my links for February 6th through February 8th:

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  • “The Daily Kos now boasts six quad core Xeons with 8GB of RAM that network boot from a central NFS root, with local scratch disks for logs and other machine specific files, and each running 1GB of memcache shared with a total memcache pool of 6GBs. “With the network file system root and network booting for our Web servers, it’s easy to add new servers to the Web server pool on a moment’s notice,” Bingham said. The database now runs on two eight core Xeons with 16GB of RAM each, and dedicated drives for the operating system and locally mounting /tmp. MySQL runs on six 73GB disks in a RAID-10 configuration, with the two servers are in a master/slave setup, while an additional quad Xeon works with the dual Pentium 4s for outgoing mail and search and acts as the origin point for the content delivery network. A Xen virtual machine runs MySQL enslaved to the master and stores back-up snapshots of the database.”Techworld - How the Kossacks conquered AmericaThat's is how the big boys play.
  • NYTimes Exposes 2.8 Million Articles in New API - ReadWriteWeb: The New York Timesseems to be moving towards establishing itself as a platform of news. Sharing all of it’s content in this matter is a good indicator that they ‘get it’

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LINKS | Newspapers don't need micropayments

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