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Things our grandkids will never understand.

Last week has lead me this generalization: Generation Y fundamentally understands the internet, and therefore the current state of the world, in a way that older generations just never will.

It's a generalization and not a maxim, because as folks like John Bryne, Bryan Murley, and even Steve Jobs remind me that us youngin's aren't the only ones who get it, we're just in the majority. These are my links for March 21st through March 27th:

Generation Y, X, BB…

  • JohnBryne.jpgThe following are excerpts from #editorchat from John Bryne of Business Week. I'm throughly impressed with his insight. It gives me much hope for the older generations.

“There will be many Born to the Web enterprises over the next few years that will teach the mainstream media a thing or two. #editorchat”- Twitter / JOHNABYRNE “They think that some day online advertising will offset the print decline and help support a broken print model. #editorchat”- Twitter / JOHNABYRNE “Online readers also earn more than print readers and are more likely to be female. #editorchat”- Twitter / JOHNABYRNE “Of our total audience, about 38% are online only; 31% magazine only & 31% are both online and print. #editorchat”- Twitter / JOHNABYRNE “There’s overlap in our print and online readers3 but generally our online users are 10 years younger and more highly educated. #editorchat”- Twitter / JOHNABYRNE

“@ryansholin I’d prefer that we have fewer citizen journalists. You don’t see me trying to be a citizen software engineer or citizen waiter.”- Twitter / benjgc

Put this up there as Generation Y not “getting it”

10 Ways To Reinvent Your Newsroom Right Now from *sjcobrien

This is a great presentation. Details some really simple and some more complex things that you could start doing today if you got your newsroom excited about them.

  • 2020 vision: What's next for news: A fantastic bit of futurism on the journalism business. • Industry will shrink/re-make itself • The semantic web plays a huge role and datamining becomes key • Collaboration among local news sites for ads and info • New business models like endowments, non-profit, etc • copyright law needs a re-think • The idealist unbiased journalist dies, starts reporting for interest groups
  • Newspaper ownership and the fourth generation syndrome | Steve argues that the current generation of newspaper owners are more interested in spending money than their own business. *

“When I got my first computer back in 1984 or 1985, it was a Mac and there was this program called Hypercard by Bill Atkinson. In a very basic way, Hypercard teaches you the basics of how computers [and software development on them] work.” Being who I am, this obviously struck a chord. I wondered if he has hit upon a simple truth about the evolution of computers… and their users. Early on, the software and tools that were available to users were more about working with the capabilities of the machine than what you could get done with it. That lead to every computer user innately understanding the architecture of the machine. Of course, it also lead to scaring many people off, but for those that stuck around, to this day we all have a very true understanding of the what, why and — most importantly — how a computer can (and can’t!) do the things it does.”- At SXSW Michael Penn Talks iTunes, Film, Music, and Hypercard! - The Mac Observer

Journalism Business Models

“The problem is not the medium, the problem is the message, and the fact that it is not trusted, not wanted, and not needed.”- Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet

  • A fantastic quote from rev2oh

“The wonder of the web is that it gives readers more and more control every day over what information they consume. Fighting against that trend is futile. Trying to improve the banner ad is like trying to motorize a horse.”- RevenueTwoPointZero » Advertising on iPhone

Just plain nifty/WTF?

For the Photogs in the house…

Amy O'Leary is a multimedia producer at the Times. This interview was taped on March 22, 2009, at the Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism, where O'Leary was a speaker. Amy O'Leary of The New York Times shares audio tips from Nieman Journalism Lab on Vimeo.
LINKS | Generation Y takes on the world

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