LINKS | Generation Y has Inherited the Media

“Maybe, just maybe, the existing model for generating, distributing and monetizing content could benefit from a Ctrl-Alt-Delete reboot.”- Can the Statusphere Save Journalism?

It's been two weeks since my last one of these, which is in part due to laziness, and in part due to my wanting to get a good list going on a contentious topic: Generation Y needs to take over the media.

I'm increasingly convinced that the 'old media' model is broken largely because the old folks just don't get it. Not to say that there aren't people in 30s-70s who don't get 'it,' just that there are too few, too few in a position of power, and too few who get 'it' enough.

These are my links for March 29th through April 13th:

"You blew it"

Newspapers Not Harnessing Readers' Social Power -- Seeking Alpha: "Key survey findings:
  • 49% of respondents use general search engines (such as Google (GOOG) and Yahoo (YHOO)) once a week or more to find content, but only 20% use search tools built into a newspaper or magazine site.
  • Only 24% share good content “finds” with friends or others via personal communications - such as e-mail and instant messaging (IM), and a much lower number (7%) say they usually or often share content via embedding into social network sites.
  • Although many newspapers list their staffers who are on Twitter, few offer Twitter users the ability to tweet stories from their websites.
  • When asked what they do when they find interesting content online, 52% of respondents say they usually read it immediately. Only 9% said they bookmark it to read later."

  • Disasters: Times Nukes Itself On Google: Great example of how newspapers need to really understand the web, instead of just playing on it.

  • Landmark moments in citizen journalism :: 10,000 Words :: multimedia, online journalism news and reviews: Good examples of how citizen journalists are effective.

Maybe they get it, a little?

Keynote: Vivian Schiller, CEO of National Public Radio from Merrill College - UMD on Vimeo.

They already ought to be thinking about…

Just to proove GenY isn't perfect…

We're about to shoot a teaser trailer for our new feature film "Searching for Sonny."This video was shot with the Canon 5d Mark II (which we are going to shoot the teaser on this weekend.) Tyler Kitchens is the guy in the video. He has a big part in the film. We did not prep work or lighting for this test. We just went out shot with the camera. Nothing has been color corrected or adjusted.

LINKS | Generation Y has Inherited the Media

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