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So, I'll be on vacation (woot!) for the coming week which means a couple of things:

  1. I'll have limited Internet access, so don't expect a my LINKS post to be very long/exist next week.
  2. I'll have limited Internet access and don't plan on being able to get any work done. At all. Not too sure how I feel about that.
  3. My Thursday resolution to try out TweetDeck for twitter is gonna have to wait a while.

On a similar note, if any of you have any requests on how to better lay this post out or better formating or etc… lemme know.

Here we go: these are my links for February 26th through March 5th:

OMG! (and other news that broke this week)

  • EMERALD NEWS STAFF STRIKES - News: The Daily Emerald newsroom unanimously walks out until they’re satisfied their board will not be putting them in a position where they can be censored.
HAHA haha heh hehe… Oh, my. It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.

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LINKS | The Rocky Dies and the Daily Emerald Strikes

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