Four More Newspapers Intend To Drop AP Over Rates

"What we are paying for is not cost-effective," says Smith, who notes that he would save about $32,000 per year under new rates, but still sees the nearly-$400,000 annual cost as too high. "The money we save will help me preserve local staff jobs."

-Four More Newspapers Intend To Drop AP Over Rates

I'm not sure what my stance on the AP is right now:

They're a massive, national news gathering organization that is able to put a lot of fee on the groundThey're really big and bureaucratic.
The service can now be more custom tailored to local newspapersThe AP charges a lot of money for a service that most papers use (at least partially) as a backup.
To assure the existence of professional journalism, the a large collective like the AP can ensure that they get paid.The copyright débâcle.
The AP is an established brand that is proven to provide a useful service.The Ohio collective.

I'm probably missing a few points, but those are what come to mind first.

…and, it looks like I don't really have a point to this post. Just a musing that the AP needs to tread carefully.

Four More Newspapers Intend To Drop AP Over Rates

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