Drooling: RED DSLR?

I'd really like a Nikon D3. It's a shame my budget can't afford it right now. The D3 is an amazing, break through camera – for a variety of reasons. It's the camera that has some photogs regretting their switch to Canon (translation: Folks not shooting Nikon are kinda jealous right now).

As amazing as the D3 is, I'm starting to feel pretty good about not having one right now.

See, if I owned a D3, then I wouldn't have a justification for purchasing a newly rumored RED DSLR.

I'm literally drooling over the prospect. If RED can do for the still camera industry what it's done for the video, we've got a heckuva camera on our hands .

Reading between the lines, and applying a little RED history 101, we expect to see a stripped-down still camera with modular add-ons, a very sensitive and film-like full-frame sensor and some crazy shooting speeds due to the RAW compression.

-RED Takes Aim at DSLR Market, Photographers Salivate | Gadget Lab from Wired.com

My speculations on features:

  • 20+ FPS 12mp video capablities * able to use the existing RED glass
Drooling: RED DSLR?

Joey Baker


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