Auto-Aggregation Needs Real-People Editors
source: U.S. Congress - News, photos, topics, and quotes - Daylife

The above is a screen shot from, a news aggregation site akin to newser, but vastly different from digg or buzz! in that people don't vote on stories or set content – just about everything, exceptions are cover stories, are auto-generated.

This mostly works fine until you get an admittedly minor problem like the one above. Maybe its just because I have a personal grudge against this President for subverting the Congress, but the president's picture should never appear as a representation of the Congress.

Now, this is a relatively minor mistake, and will self-correct once a new story gets sorted to the top of the US Congress category, but nonetheless, its little things like that make me distrust the auto-aggregation model. I think other people feel the same way (purely a feeling). This society wants people to tell them what's going on, not a computer. It's a marketing/perception problem.

Auto-Aggregation Needs Real-People Editors

Joey Baker


I write code most days. Prevously: photojournalist, EMT. Somewhat obsessed with jouralism.