These are my links for January 6th from 00:38 to 02:52:

  • Blogging, a new journalistic genre ? | Monday Note - Pretty strong argument that blogs are a great new form of journalism. Problem: they don't make money. Adverts don't value them and they just don't generate the pageviews an article does.
  • What is literacy? BuzzMachine - If online journalism is expected to work, the audience must be able to do the following: Media literacy, then, must embrace all those activities and skills, not just reading but:
  • knowing how to focus on a need for information and express that by crafting a query to find an answer;
  • knowing how to judge the relevance and reliability of sources - including the PageRank-like skill of judging sources on sources;
  • knowing how to create (and remix) content across all media types;
  • knowing how to collaborate;
  • understanding the impact of facts on perspective and perspective on opinion;
  • understanding the impact of identity and anonymity;
  • understanding the relationship of pieces of information that make up a larger story via links;
  • understanding how to make and find corrections
  • On The Media: Transcript of "You Are What You Is" (November 28, 2008) - Jeff Jarvis makes a good case for convergence. The media is now a singular: no longer do jounos choose, video, print, photo, whatever. We're cross-medium.
  • Twelve months of top journalism blog posts in 2008 Christopher Wink - Title says it all. It's a pretty darn good list of the top posts of last year. Worth reading through the list at least.
  • HuffPo Worth $200M? Em, More Like $2M - Business news | Newser - Sounds like the $25 million dollar investment that HuffPo just got may have inflated the value of the blogging newspaper. Instead of the $100-$200 million the investment was based on, it might be worth closer to $2 million. Ouch.
  • Reflections of a Newsosaur: Newspaper share value fell $64B in '08 - A look at the stock prices and market cap. of the major newspapers in 2008.
  • The Turning Gate / TTG iPhone Portfolio - iphone friendly photo gallery direct from Lightroom: Cool!
  • Lee Enterprises: A poster child for the ownership crisis | - Steve Yelvington breaks down the economic crisis for newspapers:
  • The internet means long term changes, newspapers weren't ready.
  • Global economic crisis = less adverts = less income.
  • Newspapers borrowed when the borrowing was good, and are in the same place as everyone else in this economic crisis. They debt they can't pay back.
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